Las Vegas V Online Casinos

Having played in Las Vegas casinos and online casinos I decided to analyze the differences between the two. Which would come out on top, the bright lights, sexy waitresses and general party atmosphere or computer generated graphics games and the comfort of your own home?

I had the chance to experience Las Vegas first hand a few years ago and loved it! It really is a 24 hour party town. I couldnīt go to Vegas and not gamble a few dollars away so that is exactly what I did. I won a little then lost the lot, great!

Las Vegas casinos are like medium size towns with bars, restaurants, shopping malls, hair salons and everything and anything else you would expect to find in your town center. Enter the main casino games section and you will find a whole floor dedicated to slot machines, a section of table games with dozens of roulette tables, blackjack and poker tables. The friendliness of the staff is second to none and soon you will be enjoying your favorite drink for free. If you gamble on the casino games all your drinks are free.

The catch for free drinks is that the more drinks you have the more drunk you become and the less you care about putting another few dollars in the video slots machine or another $100 on a game of blackjack. Slots machines have huge jackpots and often you can see a Ferrari or Harley Davidson Motorcycle spinning around overhead as the jackpot prize.

So what happens if you hit the jackpot on a $1m slot machine? I enquired about this and a hotel/casino employee told me that the casino lights up like the 4th of July and then you are surrounded by a mafia of security to escort you to the manager’s office where he presents you with a briefcase containing the $1m.

You are then offered a limo and the security team to escort you to the bank to deposit you winnings. Apparently no-one has turned down the security offer. I personally would not like to walk out of a casino with a briefcase containing $1m that the whole casino saw you win.

Not gonna get too far without being attacked!Casinos cater for everyone so it does not matter what your budget is you can always find a game to play within that budget, 10cents slots machines to $100,000,000 a spin roulette tables and everything in between.

All in all Las Vegas is a fun town with fabulous casinos that anyone who likes a flutter would get a kick out of.

So what can the online casino give us that Las Vegas cannot? Also having played in online casinos, I can give you my opinion of my online gaming experiences.


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