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I have been playing online video slots game machine games for many years now, I`ve been to all the best online casinos and tried all varieties. Firstly there were the classic slots, you know the type, three reels and a single payline across the centre. These soon progressed to multi payline slots where you could grab a winning combination not only across the middle line but also on the top row, bottom row or even diagonally.

Soon after this the video slots and multi spin slots machines were born. The world of video slots has now gone absolutely crazy with wild cards, free spins, scatter symbols and crazy bonus games. I love them all. The amount of paylines available can be huge and win you mega bucks but one thing they all have in common is that you have 3 or 5 reels and 3 rows, and a winning payline is set from left to right in a pre-determined pattern.

It appears a new breed of online video slots is about to take the world by storm… the no payline video slot!! What does this mean exactly I hear you ask. Well it means that there are no pre-determined left to right pattern paylines on which the symbols have to fall to enable a win. Strange eh!

I have found a brand new Microgaming online video slots game machine that matches this description and it is totally unique. The games is called Arctic Fortune and it is a 5 reel video slot but it has 4 rows of symbols. This gives so many more ways to win.

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The way to get a winning combination is to have the same symbols (or wild/scatter symbols) on any row on reels starting from the left. This means that you can win by having matching symbols on reel 1, 2 and 3 but on those first 3 reels there may be 5 symbols the same (2 on reel 1, 1 on reel2 and 2 on reel 3), therefore you get paid for 5 symbols.

You see it doesn´t matter on the vertical position as long as there are 3 or more matching symbols on consectutive reels starting left to right.

In fact this new Microgaming video slot (Arctic Fortune) is branded as having 1024 ways to win. This beats a 50 payline video slot hands down..! Check out the screen shots below.

In fact the game is really difficult to explain in writing. It is a great game with the usual wild cards, scatter symbols and a fabulous bonus round.. the best way to understand and appreciate it is to play it yourself. We have found 3 great casinos where you can try your hand at the worlds first no payline online video slot!!


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