Online Slot Machines

There is just no escape from one of the most popular games ever created. Where ever we seem to go there is just no escaping the site of the online slot machine. Gambling slots can be found in every bar, pub, and club all over the world and we just cant help but play these slots machine games. How many times have we passed slot machines and stood and watched the people around it playing, digging deep in our pockets for some loose change, waiting for your turn to drop that jackpot that is just waiting for us? We just cant help it!

Now the world of online casino slots has made it easier to play these thrilling games. With online slots there is no waiting around for someone to give up or run out of change, just fire up your favorite casino and you are there in the midst of Vegas waiting for that jackpot that is rightly yours.

Where and how did this popular game begin. Well, they first appeared in San Francisco in the begining of the 1900s. Invented by Charles Fay after he started working as a machinist at the California Electric Works. Charles met his business partner to be, a Mr.Theodore Holtez, and created the first real online slot machine. During the 1930’s and 40’s slot machines spread across America and became a hugely popular form of gaming for all classes of people.

First introduced in the Flamingo Hotel to entertain the women of wealthy high rollers but soon caught on as a potential massive profitable income that rivaled the likes of blackjack, poker and craps.

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In the 80s the slot machine had grown so much in popularity that more people were play slots than table games. By the time the 90s came casino owners and gamblers realised that the slot machine was the biggest game to hit the world of gambling in their casinos.

It is now evident that slots are hugely profitable business with hundreds of thousands of new machines being made every year even more so with online casino slots. It seems that every week two or three new slot machines are being added to the growing slot arena, they are getting more and more elaborate and we just cant help but try every new one that hits the casinos we love to play in. Who can resist the challenge of tha new slot machine? For those of you who love playing slots, well, the world is your oyster. Keep on playing and good luck!


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